About KLIC



KLIC CONSULTANTS is your one-stop shop for all academic and career related decisions required to reach your dream goal. At KLIC CONSULTANTS, we assist students in identifying and enrolling in only those reputed universities across the globe that are best suited to them.

Studying abroad offers various options for students looking to graduate or do a post-graduation course. However, identifying and enrolling into the right university can be an overwhelming and tedious task. This is where we come in. We not only assist students in identifying the perfect university suited to them, but also take in the responsibility of the entire academic procedure right from entrance exams coaching, filling in application forms, visa assistance education loan assistance, among others.

Who We Are

Klic consultants is an education consultancy in India, with office in Delhi. Klic works with over 300 plus Universities, Colleges and Education Institutions in various countries like Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Switzer Land, Ireland, Canada, Italy, Mauritius, UK, Malaysia, USA, Dubai and Netherland. Klic consultants was established in 2009 to provide professional career counseling or consulting services to those students who are looking to pursue further higher education abroad.



Our Mission

Our mission is to arm students with all relevant and authentic information that will assist them during their stay in any country and help convert their dream career into reality. Cut throat competition and requirement of special skills in all fields has necessitated the need for quality education. Students are required to choose and identify from multiple options which can lead to a lot of confusion and stress. At KLIC CONSULTANTS, our team is dedicated at ensuring that all factors are considered and factored while making a decision. As most of our team members have completed their education abroad, they are also able to offer firsthand information on many factors that students do not even consider at the time of application.


Our Unique selling proposition is the transparency that we share with our Students.

At KLIC we provide

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